BTA Card? What is this?

August 10, 2018

Business Travel Account Card (ВТА) of American Express bank — it`s a credit instrument for payment of all costs of staff members during their business trips and also for payment of MICE costs.

Ok. How does it look like?

It`s a credit bank card issued in electronic form (without plastic card) on the name of juridical person of clients company.

Why does my company need BTA Card?

ВТА Card is developed for payment of costs related with organization of business trips: buying of plane and train tickets, booking and living in hotels, payment of transfers, visa and other services, also for payment of MICE costs.

What is the maximum payment delay possible while using this Card?

Grace period is provided with the term of 58 days that highly improves DPO rate (Days Payable Outstanding – payment delay)

How does the process of closing documents look like?

Package of closing documents from the agency does not change during transition to mutual payments using BTA Card. Bank forms single central abstract of account once in a month and send it to a client.

What other additional advantages in comparison with bank transfer can get my company?

Transparence in price formation as it will not depend on changes in borrowing costs for supplier.

How long does this instrument work in Russia?  

For 7 years of successful work on Russian market, this product proved itself as a convenient instrument for payment of costs. It can be proved by the fact that BTA American Express won in nomination «Best payment instrument» Buying Business Travel Awards Russia & CIS 2016, and also in nomination as best instrument for MICE payment

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